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Sunday, August 3, 2008

I can't believe im actually bloggin! Yes i've MIA sometime..
soooooo~ Let da pictures do the talkin (:


Jap Class 101



Most busy term i had. I wish 48hrs for a day PLS PLS! 2 weeks to FYE. seriously OMG.

Somethings bothering me. Maybe a listening ear is all i need? i dono.

just may'b someday.. i would be good enuff for you..
Feeling unappreciated.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

alrights! its been sometime since i've blogged. yea. holidays are way ovr. conclusion. -11kilos and $1k + more to spend on shopping! its brand new yr ahead. my class have shrinked again! i felt lucky still alive here in my class. from 21 ~ 15. seriously omg. tb was alright. and i sign up for 2 ccas. dragon boat! RAHHHH! & Outward bounders. one for my tanned body shape. another for socialising with other people. i found i need more friends. i tend to have silly thoughts when im alone. afterall. abt 85% of my class mates lives @ north / east side. and im the quiet guy in the class. and past of a deprived childhood. seriously. open me up pls. CCA's. nt onli tat. i've wanted to change myself. sort of upgrade. in terms of appearance , studies , personaility. i've taken my first step sliming down. & my 2nd step of iniciate of signing up cca's. not only that. i took up jap class too. :D

jap class was awesome. althought i spoke to onli 2. i enjoyed learning jap. its freaking hard. yet its fun! KONNICHIWA. WATASHI UEI HONGU DESU. ONAMAHEYWA? :D , certainly looking forward to nxt lesson.

outward bounders was awesome too. it brings back the lifely childhood of mine. whr camp lifes. and camp chants. it might be a lil. lame still. but if u think the other way. its just a wonderful enviroment to hang out with. people alr their , whether its guy or girl just pop out and shake ur hand and intro. tats so nice :D & warm :D. i doubt proberly some of my class mate who joined with me proberly nt gonna go for nxt training. but for me. all the way. cos im determined to open myself thru this. 16th ~ 18th camp. im coming! yea!

dragonboat. alright trainings 2 days from now. gotta start cracking soon. cant wait. yea its gonna be tough & rough. strenuoues. and just the way i liked it. :D

till den. toodles.

just may'b someday.. i would be good enuff for you..
footprints on my heart

Sunday, January 13, 2008

yea finally i've blogged. im like so tired to even play games right now. my life has taken its dramatic change , i've finally broke through the wall i always have wanted to. yes poly has open me more & more , and i realise how much i need to change to fit myself great in poly. lifes only once , why not do it now. i guess not much ppl realli understands wad im trying to say.. ;x

i've been gaining pounds since sec 3? after food posioning thing? i always wanted to lose back the weights i gain , but everytime thr was no determination, they just died on me. years after years i reached a point where i felt so digusted about.Till den i enter poly, i nv realised how much a person's impression is so much important den ever, juz the thought of having fats and den the wind blows towards you makes me sick,i had to get out of this shit, right now! THE BIGGEST LOSER was the key motivation i got from , girls rangin from 101kg ~ 157kg and guys from 130kg~ 196kg put their everything on the line , just to lose weight. honestly i was touched. and yea , the show gave me tips & solutions , experience , exercises. i've learnt alot thru it and finally decided to give it a shot during my holidays instead of sitting my ass onto some crap computer games.

dec 14 , is whr i started. i had all the nutrition facts , keys , tips , wad to look out for on food , wad excerises best , wad vitamins gives wad , wads does sodium do , wad i can or cant eat , etc , mainly my goal was to , maintain my calories below 1200kcals , absolutly no starch carbs , no sweets , chocolates , icecream , no junk food , no seafood , no alchol and the list goes on , theres so much stuff to maintain , i got to say , it aint easy. but i'd pull thru it so far till 2day, 31days, and astonshing 8kilo lost , over 17.5lbs lost , wif no personal trainer wadsoever , its just me and my will power. im gonna prove the ppl ard me tat im nt juzt the guy wif the mouth sometimes, go to shock when u see me in few month time. i've learnt so much from all the research and shows i watched , i even got myself a calorie book! i feel in love in keeping fit and seriously and addiction now. worst to say , i have the urge to become part time personal trainer in future , working fat asses and burning their calories , its awesome . i still do travel town alot , but not for clothers recently till im satisified wif my figure. and im not into games now lately . guess its just the new me tats coming in, and im going to guarentte all my friends & foe , i will come in smoking hawt. im such a BHB-er. :)

just may'b some day.. i would be good enuff for you..

do you wan to eat food that are high in calories and less of em'? or do you want to eat healthier food and more of em'? the chioce is yours (:

Friday, November 16, 2007

i feel horrible & i dont noe why.. or maybe i do.. :(

past few days wasnt smooth.. haven been controlling my diet..
my arm has been aching since ytd tennis , wasnt easy learning back-hand..

wasnt that prepared for 2day's engmath paper.. but i glad i knew im able to pass..
did revised for it since the first day of sch.. i took few hrs and understand it.. i guess studies aint tat hard afterall , if effort was put in..

i've been wasting days & days of life.. since when slacking being so addictive..
and slacking to everyone is relaxation.. yet i felt tense.. is this pressure ? from studies? friends? or sth else...

and yes poly has opened me up more.. i'd found myself in a situation despo for $$$.. i nid more den juz new clothers.. theres too much to handle now.. i realli nid motivation & determination..

guess im writing out another tt, nid more fluids, nid more fruits, nid more slp, nid more blah blah , the list goes on & on..

when was the last time someone called u ? and was it abt u afterall?
i guess not much people understand me, and the state im now..
finding love? haha..
lifes nvr easy.

gawd im emo of some meaningful songs, emoshyt!

LABELS : feeling horrible , arm ache , no $$ , lots of use's & wear's

juz may'b someday.. i would be good enuff for you..
someone who will love & adore..

Monday, November 12, 2007

i need more rest..
i need more time..
i need more self-study...
i need self control diet...
i neeeeddddddd.... AHHHHHHHh ,
proper time management!
everything's a mess ,
i'll blog 2ml :(

juz may'b someday.. i would be good enuff for you..
at least i knew.. :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

i broke my batheroom toliet flusher , oh no. guess its a bad omen , gahh im getting scouldin ltr ):

CATS was alright , as usual boring =/ and im dying for S&W, finally we did serving , but i gt injured by this guy , who wooosh the ball wif his racket into my racket and it hit my head.. well i told him , dun hit first , i go pick up my ball , i sense a huge movement coming , hes huge! well.. haha , a slight glace.. woosh! a speeding tennis ball came right it my head , as i held my racket asap to block it , sadly it reflected and hit the back of my head.. and now i have a black blue bun , thx to him (: well , its nth, im strong! wahaha.. nxt week , deepavali , no S&W , dissapointment ):

man , i seriously nid my new footwear.. being eyeing for long.. its time to get it..
may my feet enjoy the privllage of the gold addidas sneaks on sat (:

appt 2ml 4.30 , sat out , sun study? dam..

LABELS : broken flusher , blue black bun , S&W , footwear , appt

Juz may'b someday.. i would be good enuff for you..

The path you take with your feet should never contradict the conviction of your heart.

hee , its been some time since i mia from bloggin.. well im back :) and this blog is privately for trusted frends , close ppl ,its a privillage ah! :D

lots of memories few mths back , my wish of my bdae being celebrated by friends was finally fulfilled , thx yy & sy , big thx , and i had nv tot see-ing it coming :)

me , yy , sy

a slice of you , heaven

cheers :)

you guys juz made my day more special , loves <3

LABELS: back, 18th bdae (:

juz may'b someday.. i would be good enuff for you..
its not a dream anymore (:


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Wei Hong , 18
ngee ann poly :))
Im Not Angel
but i can make you smile,
Thats the way its is,
Juz the way am i (:


✖ sports =)
✖ gyming =)
✖ shopping =)
✖ alcohol =)
✖ close friends =)
✖ pooling =)
✖ music =)


✖ burn fats
✖ better complextion
✖ braces
✖ GPA 3.5
✖ fitness instructor certified
✖ weights
✖ bar bells
✖ medicine ball
✖ aerobics mat
✖ armani exchange belt header
✖ buckler belts
GAP black tee
guy lachore wallet
crumpler bag(orange/brown barney)
addias gold shoe
white&black bermudas
✖ M+Y metal neck acessories
✖ wrap watch
haircut from shirley ma`
big black sunglasses
✖ big brown sunglasses
sleeve shirts
kappa sneakers (white/gold)
✖ converse sneakers (bottle)
✖ ear piece
topman skinny white jeans
topman skinny black jeans
3in1 printer
✖ black striped bag
✖ ties
new havaianas
✖ french connection grey berms
✖ NUM gold is a DJ tee
✖ zara white sneaks
✖ topman long sleeves





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